Tank Fills

Black Jack Tech Diving currently provides oxygen compatible air, Nitrox, oxygen, and Trimix fills for everything from 13cf rebreather bottles to twin 120s. We are the only shop in the greater Fayetteville area that has banked Nitrox and Trimix ready for fills so we can take care of your fill while you wait.

Need a custom mix? No problem, our custom blends are made to your specifications so you can optimize your gas for each dive in your plan. We do ask that you drop off your tanks for custom blends so we can make sure to prepare the blend to best fit your needs. Custom blends typically are turned around in 24-48 hours.

Need to top off a tank? We have a two stage military Haskel Oxygen Booster that allows us to top off your partially used tanks, fill up to 100% O2 deco bottles, and provide Trimix fills. No need to waste your gas.

Black Jack Tech Diving uses hyper-clean oxygen compatible air for all fills. We only use aviator grade oxygen and ultra high purity helium for our Trimix fills. Our air is tested quarterly and meets IANTD Oxygen Compatible Air standards. Here is our latest test report: 


Fill rules:

  • You must bring your certification card for ALL fills. You need to show appropriate certification for Nitrox, Oxygen, and Trimix fills.
  • Your tanks must have a current hydrostatic test (within the past 5 years)
  • Your tanks must have a valid Visual Inspection (VIP) Sticker. A valid VIP sticker meets the following standards:
    • Clearly identifies where the tank was inspected and who the inspector was. Generic VIP stickers are not acceptable!
    • Clearly states what standard the tank was inspected to (i.e. PSI, CGA, etc.).
    • Clearly states what standard the tank was cleaned to if the tank is designated for mixtures other than air.
    • Tanks that are designated for Nitrox or Oxygen use MUST clearly state they have been oxygen cleaned and prepared for Nitrox service.
  • We do not fill older aluminum tanks made prior to 1990. These tanks are made of an alloy (6351) that has been shown to suffer in some cases from sustained load cracking (SLC).
  • We reserve the right to reject any tank for filling if we are unsure of the tank's safety.
  • No cave fills. We will not fill any tank higher than the rated pressure designated on the tank.

Black Jack Tech Diving

2017 Fill Pricing

Minimum Fill Fee   $5.00
AL80 Oxygen Compatible Air (OCA)   $7.00
HP100 Oxygen Compatible Air (OCA)   $8.00
HP120 Oxygen Compatible Air (OCA)   $9.00
HP130 Oxygen Compatible Air (OCA)   $11.00
AL80 Nitrox (approx 32%)   $12.00
HP100 Nitrox (approx 32%)   $13.00
HP120 Nitrox (approx 32%)   $14.00
HP130 Nitrox (approx 32%)   $15.00
Nitrox Deco Gas (41% - 100%)   $0.45 Per Cubic Foot
Aviation Grade O2   $0.45 Per Cubic Foot
21/35 Trimix*   Market Price
Ultra High Purity Helium*   Market Price

 * Unfortunately helium continues to skyrocket in price. We reserve the right to change our helium pricing during the year as needed to cover our costs. We will always try to bring you the best possible price for helium in the area. Let's hope the shortage is solved soon.