Rental Gear

Are you tired of getting worn out, low quality rental gear? Black Jack Tech Diving has a large selection of gear available for rent by the day, weekend, week, or even month to make sure your diving needs are met.

We use only high quality scuba gear for our rental program from major manufacturers like Oceanic, Zeagle, Dive Rite, Henderson, and NeoSport. Our rental gear is regularly serviced and some of the same gear we have for sale in the shop.

Our Program

Our rental program is designed to be easy to understand and reasonably priced. If you need any gear that is not listed just give us a call. We also support rebreather divers so if you need any bottles, sorb, bailout, or other gear just give us a call and we will take care of you. 

We know you have a choice when you rent your gear and here are some reasons we believe our program is the best available:

• We don't charge you for travel days, just rental days.
• You can reserve your equipment ahead of time to make sure you get the gear you want.
• We have a wide variety of recreational and technical gear available for rent like HP Steel 100s which are perfect for dives off the North Carolina coast.

Equipment is available for rental only to certified divers.

Proof of certification is required.

Our dive equipment is only for the customer’s personal, recreational use.  It will not be loaned or sublet to any other party.  Use of BC's, computers, wetsuits, regulators, tanks, or weight belts by non-certified divers is strictly prohibited.

Customers are responsible for any loss or damage to the rented equipment and agree to return it in the same condition as received.

Late returns are subject to daily rental charges.

All rental gear must be rinsed with fresh water, dried, and properly cleaned before it is returned.  Failure to do so will result in a minimum $15 per item cleaning fee.




Per Day

AL 80 Scuba Tank $9.00
HP Steel 100 Scuba Tank $11.00
AL 80 Scuba Tank - Nitrox $16.50
HP Steel 100 Scuba Tank - Nitrox $20.50
HP Steel 120 Scuba Tank - Nitrox $22.50
HP Steel 130 Scuba Tank - Nitrox $22.50


Recreational Gear Package: Complete Gear Set with wetsuit and 2 AL 80 Tanks $50.00
Regulator Set $20.00
BC $10.00
Wetsuit $10.00
Hood $5.00
Booties $5.00
Gloves $5.00
Nitrox Computer $20.00
Mask, Fins, Snorkel Package $15.00
Dive Light $5.00
Weights $5.00
Wreck Reel $5.00
SMB/Lift Bag $5.00


Digital Camera Package with Housing and Strobe $45.00
Digital Camera with Housing $25.00
Digital Strobe $25.00


Tech Package: Backplate/Wing, Reg Set, Reel, Lift Bag $75.00
HP Steel 100 Doubles Set (fill separate) $20.00
HP Steel 100 Doubles Set - Air Fill $40.00
HP Steel 100 Doubles Set - Nitrox Premix Fill $60.00
Backplate and Wing $20.00
Tech Regulator Set with 84" Hose $30.00
O2 Clean Deco Regulator with SPG $10.00
O2 Clean AL Deco Bottle (30 or 40, fill separate) $10.00
2L Rebreather Bottle (fill separate) $10.00
3L Rebreather Bottle (fill separate) $10.00
Rebreather Bailout rig (AL 30 or AL 40) with Regulator $20.00