Tank Inspections & Hydros

All tanks brought to Black Jack Tech Diving for fills and service work will require a current VIP inspection and hydro test. We provide both services for a nominal fee to ensure both your and our safety.

Hydrostatic testing unfortunately typically has a two week turnaround time because there are no local testing facilities and the available facilities only test one day per week.

Visual inspections are done according to PSI standards and can be routinely completed in 24-48 hours.

Oxygen cleaning is a time and labor intensive process that typically takes several days. Also please note we reserve the right to require recleaning of any tank marked oxygen clean if we can not verify who actually cleaned the tank in question. We are simply VERY careful when dealing with high concentrations of oxygen. 



What do you mean my tanks won't pass inspection????

Note: We have decided not to eddy test older aluminum tanks made out of the 6351 alloy. While we are certified to perform such testing, there have been some accidents with 6351 tanks that have resulted in serious injury and death. We are simply not going to take the risk. Should you own one of the pre 1990 6351 tanks we will happily refer you to a shop that can complete the inspection for you.