DAN Instructor Qualification Course FAQ

How do I become a DAN Instructor?

Attend an Instructor Qualification Course (IQC). You will also need to be an active scuba educator (Divemaster/DiveCon or higher) and a CPR Instructor. Get started now by completing the general standards, or core section, online.

I’m not a dive educator, but I’d like to teach. Do you have waivers?

On occasion, DAN will waive the scuba educator requirement based on an individual’s background. To apply for a waiver, write or email DAN Training with your request. Include why we should grant the waiver and your diving and teaching backgrounds. Include supporting documentation.

Why can’t I just do an online crossover?

DAN Training Courses are hands-on. We pride ourselves on the skills of our instructors. Each new instructor will work with an Instructor Trainer to ensure skills are of role-model teaching quality. The trainer will help you understand how our courses are taught and various ways of effectively teaching.

I know how to use oxygen. What am I supposed to learn in an IQC?

Many people can perform the skills taught in the DAN Provider Courses, but they need some help some in developing skills that are role-model quality and in learning how to teach those skills to others. Ideally, you should be comfortable performing skills when you take an instructor course. Don’t worry if you aren’t. There is plenty of time for everyone to practice.

Do I have to teach every class?

No. Our instructor program is a modular format. All new instructors will complete the core module and then you can take the IQC Modules for the courses you want to teach. For example, if you want to teach DEMP and Neuro, you would complete the course modules for Oxygen First Aid, Advanced Oxygen First Aid, AEDs, Hazardous Marine Life Injuries and On-Site Neurological Assessment. If later you decide you want to teach other courses, you just need to complete those IQC Course Modules.

How much does the IQC cost?

The DAN Instructor course costs $175 for each course you want to teach or $650 to qualify as an instructor for all the courses. DAN Instructor materials are separate and cost approximately $200.

How do I get the materials?

We will provide the materials you need to become an instructor.

Is there any continuing education I need to complete to remain current?

Yes. Instructor skills deteriorate just like provider skills. As an instructor, every two years you will need to teach or team-teach a provider course in each course you are certified. We also have available updates, which can be done online or with us throughout the year. You can also assist an Instructor Trainer with an instructor course.

What can I gain from teaching DAN Courses?

The rewards are many. First, you help increase the knowledge of diving first aid and dive safety. Second, you assist DAN by supporting the DAN mission departments and areas such as diving medical research, the DAN Emergency Hotline and DAN Medical Information Line. And, of course, you can also make money for yourself by teaching DAN Courses.