NAUI Instructor Trainer

UPDATE: We have relocated to the Tampa area and are building a new shop! We will still have instructors in the Fayetteville area but the physical shop has moved. We have some limited classes scheduled in the Tampa area until the new shop opens. Please contact us for details.
Do you want to train NAUI scuba instructors? Are you opening your own dive shop? NAUI instructors can train students only to the assistant instructor or divemaster level so if you are going to train instructors your first step is to become a NAUI instructor trainer. NAUI instructor trainers can conduct Staff Training Workshops, Instructor Training Programs (ITP), Instructor Crossover Programs (ICP), and Instructor Preparatory Programs (PREP). NAUI Instructor Trainers work with a NAUI Course Director to conduct the Instructor Qualification Program (IQP) for the candidate’s final evaluation.
NAUI Instructor Trainer is a formal leadership designation and not a certification. A NAUI Instructor Trainer has demonstrated experience and competency in the training, evaluating and counseling of NAUI Instructor Candidates. Designation as a NAUI Instructor Trainer may only be awarded by the NAUI Training Department after completion of a NAUI Instructor Trainer Workshop conducted by an active NAUI Course Director.
The staff at Black Jack Tech Diving can provide the Instructor Trainer Workshop that will qualify you to become a NAUI Instructor Trainer. Active member NAUI Instructors are invited to call today to discuss their development into a NAUI Instructor Trainer.