Rescue Diver Course

UPDATE: We have relocated to the Tampa area and are building a new shop! We will still have instructors in the Fayetteville area but the physical shop has moved. We have some limited classes scheduled in the Tampa area until the new shop opens. Please contact us for details.

Do you know what to do and how to help in a dive emergency? If not, would you like to learn? Our NAUI Rescue Course will both educate and challenge you to become a better diver who can help in dive emergencies.


This course trains divers in the knowledge and skills needed to manage risks and effectively handle limited in-water problems and diving emergencies. Included are: assists, transports, surface rescues and rescues from depth involving both boat and shore based skin and scuba divers. The course meets the prerequisite rescue training for Skin Diving Instructor, NAUI Assistant Instructor, Divemaster, and Instructor certifications. Note: Adult CPR training (approximately four hours) meets the requirement for Scuba Rescue Diver certification. However, additional CPR training that includes two person CPR and the use of rescue breathing barrier devices, e.g. pocket mask®, face shield, is required to meet the requirements for NAUI leadership certification.

Qualifications Of Graduates

Graduates are considered competent to perform assists and rescues in open water provided the diving site and diving situations approximate those of the course. Graduates may use this certification as a prerequisite for the NAUI Training Assistant Specialty Course, Leadership Courses and Instructor Courses.

Course Prerequisites

Age: Minimum is 15 years.
Certification: Training and experience equivalent to NAUI Scuba Diver.
CPR & First Aid Certification: Current certification in both is required for certification. Of course we can provide this training!
Open Water. A least one session is to be conducted in open water. An open water session involves one or more skin or scuba rescue exercises.

How Much Does It Cost?

The NAUI Rescue Diver Course costs $250 per student for a group class and private courses are available. We schedule students together for group classes whenever possible unless a private class is specifically requested. Military and Public Service discounts are also available.

What's Next?

Once you become a Rescue Diver, perhaps you want to continue your training and become a divemaster or eventually an instructor? Give us a call and we can make it happen!