Try SCUBA Program

Do you wonder what it’s like to breathe underwater? Curious about SCUBA but not sure you want to commit to a full SCUBA certification class? Don't feel like venturing into the open water during the winter months?

For those who want to test the waters, this is the course for you. The Try SCUBA Program gives you a glimpse into what you can expect to see in the underwater world as well as what you could expect to learn in the Scuba Diver Course. You will be shown the basic safety procedures for enjoyable scuba diving under the watchful eye of a certified instructor. You will learn skills like equalizing your ears, buddy checks, basic buoyancy control, and underwater communication. You will also be given an introduction to basic scuba equipment and scuba skills followed by an underwater indoor pool session. The Try SCUBA class lasts around an hour and is held at a local heated Olympic sized pool that is perfect for diving!

What Are The Requirements?

To go on your Try Scuba adventure, you must at least be 10 years old or older and in good health. You will need to complete the Try Scuba forms (which includes a medical questionnaire and liability release). If you are under the age of 18 your parent or guardian will need to also sign your liability paperwork before you can get in the pool.

How Much Does The Try SCUBA Program Cost?

The Try SCUBA program costs $75 per person. The program tuition covers everything you need for the class including all SCUBA equipment, tanks, weights, and the pool entry fee. All you need to supply is a bathing suit and a towel!

Try SCUBA Groups

One of the best things about SCUBA diving is the camaraderie of being with a group of people who share a common interest. Try SCUBA is a great activity for a group. Have you been looking for something different for your group to do? Why not try SCUBA together? The Try SCUBA program is great as:

• a fun activity for your Scout troop.
• a team building event for your group at work.
• a fun evening out for your Sunday School class or church youth group.

Call us to learn more about a private Try SCUBA program tailored just for your group.