NAUI Underwater Photographer

Nobody believes that you came face to face with a huge shark underwater? Saw the wreck of a lifetime with 100 foot visibility but your friends back home just yawn? Had dolphins come and dive with you and nothing but blurry snapshots to show for it? Our underwater photography class will solve all these problems.

This course is to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to enjoy underwater photography while minimizing the risks of such activities. This is a course designed to expose you to basic underwater photography techniques not a general photography class. Underwater photography is incredibly rewarding but it also requires specific techniques and skills that even good land photographers don't have.

Digital cameras have revolutionized underwater photography so that the average person can take good photos with some practice. No longer do you have to manually load 36 shots of film, take the photos, bring them home, and pray you did not make any mistakes. You can shoot hundreds of photos (good or bad!) with the new breed of digital cameras.

Many of the digital cameras that are now available will also shoot some fairly decent video as well so you can show your friends just how close that shark came! We will discuss some basic video techniques as part of this class so you can start making your new masterpiece.

During this class we will cover digital underwater photographic equipment, cameras, photo techniques, lighting techniques, fundamentals of photography, underwater camera techniques and underwater photo problems.

As part of this class you will actually take underwater photographs and have the results reviewed and critiqued by your instructor so you can improve your skills!

What Are The Requirements?

NAUI Scuba Diver certification or the equivalent is required for enrollment.

How Much Does The NAUI Underwater Photographer Course Cost?

The NAUI Underwater Photographer class costs $175 for a group class and private classes are available. The course tuition covers your pool instruction, open water instruction, and certification card but does not cover camera rental or purchase, pool fees, rental gear, or quarry fees.