SDI Solo Diver Class

Are you an experienced diver who wants to become a better, more self reliant diver? One of SDI's most popular courses, the solo diver program teaches experienced recreational divers how to safely dive independently of a dive buddy or strengthen your buddy team skills. The course stresses on proper dive planning, personal limitations, accident prevention as well as the benefits, hazards, and proper procedures for diving solo. You will also learn the additional equipment that is required for solo diving including its proper usage and assembly. This is the perfect course for underwater photography and underwater video divers.


Required Skill Performance

         Skills will be performed in the open water.  In order to complete this course, you must demonstrate
         understanding of the techniques to properly execute a solo dive.

         A.  Swimming skills:  Perform a surface swim of 300 meters in full scuba gear (gear configuration appropriate to local diving conditions).  Must be nonstop and performed in an open water environment.

         B.  Scuba skills:

               1.   Demonstrate adequate predive planning;
               2.   Determine limits based on personal gas consumption;
               3.   Perform exact dive and/or decompression profile.

         C.  Properly execute the planned dive within all predetermined limits:

               1.   Equipment configuration appropriate for solo diving:
                    a.   streamlining equipment;
                    b.   use and carry of redundant air supply.
               2.   Proper descent/ascent rates.
               3.   Proper safety stop procedures:  monitoring of decompression status equipment (tables, computers, equipment).

         D.  Navigation skills:

               1.   Demonstrate proficiency of navigation with compass;
               2.   Demonstrate emergency change-over to a backup regulator or bailout scuba at a depth not exceeding 100 fsw/30 msw;
               3.   Deploy surface marker and use of surface audible signaling device.

Typical Schedule:

 Day 1: Theory, gear selection and fitting, and terminology

 Day 2: 2 complete planned and executed dives

Required Equipment:

          Basic open water scuba equipment (exception:  "safe second" or "octopus" is not allowed as  redundant air

          One of the following must be used as a redundant air source:  pony bottle, twin cylinders with isolation valve,
                or independent doubles.

Qualifications of Graduates

Graduates will be qualified to enroll in technical diving classes such as advanced nitrox and decompression procedures.

Prerequisites For Entering The Course

Age: 21 years old.
Diver Certification. The preferred minimum certification level is Rescue Diver or higher.
Experience: Documentation of diving experience with a minimum of 100 logged open water dives. Dives shall be varied in environment, depth and activities.
Navigation Skills: Very good underwater navigation skills.
Medical Clearance: Physician medical clearance required.

How Much Does It Cost?

The SDI Solo Diver Course costs $300 for a group class and private courses are available. We schedule students together for group classes whenever possible unless a private class is specifically requested. Military and Public Service discounts are also available. Price does not include gear rental, fills, dive fees, lodging , food or transportation.

What's Next?

Once you have completed the SDI Solo Diver Course you may want to expand your dive skills into technical diving by taking the TDI Intro To Tech course.

Maximum depth for the course: 130 feet.